April 18, 2012

Resource Site Profile – CNG Now

Westport likes to share resources that we think are relevant to our industry, natural gas. As the natural gas industry gathers momentum, more informational and educational resources are developing. CNGNow.com, is one such resource that aims to promote and inform about benefits of “clean, affordable, abundant… natural gas.”.

The site offers information about CNG, industry news and video, which CNG powered vehicles are available where CNG fueling stations can be found in the USA. They’ve produced this interesting info-graphic that we wanted to share:

As the info-graphic explains, natural gas has become increasingly popular for both its economic and environmental benefits. This is encouraging new infrastructure to be created to support the growing demand for these vehicles, but it’s not at full capacity yet.  While the development of CNG stations plays catch-up to the demand for CNG vehicles, CNGnow has created a “CNG fuel finder”smartphone application that allows the user to find the nearest CNG station, check prices, map routes to the stations, and receive the most up-to-date information about CNG fueling stations.

Download their app for iphone or android.

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