May 28, 2015

Bi-fuel Volvo V60 Hits the Road for World Gas Conference in Paris

On May 29, a brand new bi-fuel Volvo V60 leaves Göteborg, Sweden to visit Volvo dealers on the route to the World Gas Conference (WGC) 2015. Destination: Paris, France. The bi-fuel Volvo V60 and Westport representatives will visit dealers in Germany and Belgium, and reach Paris on May 31.
2016 bi-fuel Volvo V60
Westport’s new combustion technology in Volvo Car Group’s new Drive-E powertrain bi-fuel engine will be on display in a Volvo V60 at the WGC in area P77 from June 1 to 5. Read more about the new engine technology in the 2016 bi-fuel Volvo V60 announced earlier this year in the Westport news release.

On Thursday, June 4, hear Per-Inge Kruse speak about natural gas vehicles at the WGC Natural Gas for Transportation Village Seminars at 2:30 pm.

May 21, 2015

Bi-fuel Volvo V70 shows off during trip to Ireland with Gas Networks

Rodger O’Connor is an expert at finding solutions to problems. An engineer by training, his current challenge is to develop a market for natural gas transportation across Ireland, creating an environment friendly for both fueling stations and vehicles.
Rodger with the bi-fuel Volvo V70 on arrival in Ireland
In April, Rodger – Commercial Innovation Analyst with Gas Networks Ireland – decided to give the industry a push by borrowing a Volvo V70, powered with Westport’s bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system to give business and government leaders, along with fleet owners and staff, a chance to see the potential for natural gas vehicles in the country. 

May 15, 2015

Natural gas vehicles and Lone Star State hospitality for ACT Expo attendees

With a number of new product announcements for Westport and Cummins Westport, and a tour of our local installation facility, this year’s Alternative Clean Transportation Expo (ACT Expo) in Dallas was a busy event for Westport.
Westport's Paul Shaffer with the 2016 Ford F-150 at ACT Expo
Leading this year’s ACT Expo announcements was Ford’s unveiling of the model year 2016 Ford F-150, available with a gaseous prep package for compressed natural gas (CNG). As one of Ford’s leading Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM), Westport provided a fresh-from-the-floor model for the announcement, featuring the Westport WiNG Power System, which allows the vehicle to operate in either dedicated CNG or bi-fuel options.