July 15, 2013

Changing the Way the Future Looks Here and Now

Westport is Changing the Way the World Moves. We’re also changing the way we express who we are as a company, how our products and services benefit the world, and where we see the role of natural gas in the future of global transportation.

Today, Westport launched Here and Now, a new look and message that defines who we are.

We are changing to reflect the new world of transportation where natural gas plays a significant role and where our opportunities lie – Here and Now. Why now? Because Westport has moved natural gas transportation from a brilliant idea into a wide range of products, and by doing so, we’re changing the way companies do business, the way goods are moved, the way the job site works, the way cities run and the way the future looks.
Our new look and feel celebrates and showcases where you see our technology at work in the world. Our name and logo remain the same, but as we said earlier, year 2013 is a year of transition, a year of evolution. The coming months promise to continue to drive change and evolution and we’re prepared for what’s around the next corner by designing the most advanced natural gas vehicles and engines the world has ever seen. Not just for cars and trucks. But for any vehicle that carries a payload, crosses the water, or thunders down the tracks.

Check out our new brand video that tells the Westport Here and Now story:
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