November 1, 2013

JumpStart: Bridging the Station Gap for LNG-Powered Trucks

Westport's Peter Wunder: "To bridge the gap, we came up with an alternative to allow fleets to use LNG."
Want to drive a liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueled truck, but don’t have a station near you? You need a Westport JumpStart. JumpStart is a mobile refueling station program designed for fleets without a permanent natural gas station. 

“There was a shortage of LNG fueling infrastructure when JumpStart began in 2011,” says Peter Wunder, Westport’s LNG Refueling Manager. “To bridge the gap, we came up with an alternative to allow fleets to use LNG.”

Companies with fleets in rural areas are well suited to a mobile fueling station – it allows them to use LNG even without a nearby permanent station. LNG infrastructure providers are another good fit, as they can enter a market before or while a station is being built.

The recent release of the Cummins Westport ISX12 G has increased interest in LNG use by fleets for over-the-road trucking because of the added range LNG provides compared to compressed natural gas (CNG). A recent article in the Wall Street Journal cites companies such as Volvo AB, Proctor & Gamble and FedEx that are accelerating a shift amongst their fleets to natural gas.

Companies with fleets in Texas, Alberta, Georgia, and Utah across North America are currently using JumpStart and experiencing the benefits of cold LNG, even without access to a permanent station. The portable LNG trailer used for the JumpStart program can be transported by road which allows easy redeployment as a fleet either moves its operations or grows into new areas without a permanent fuel station.

Peter says Westport is looking to expand JumpStart to Europe and the United Kingdom as the natural gas vehicle market expands around the world.

Interesting Facts about JumpStart:

  • Capacity of 5,500 gallons usable LNG (3,200 diesel gallons equivalent)
  • Natural gas generator provides onboard power supply
  • Self-contained off-load pumps
  • Easily redeployed
  • Pump dispenses at 30–40 gallons per minute
  • Can be a permanent solution for in-yard fueling or resource extraction sites

Learn more about JumpStart on the Westport website:

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