May 14, 2014

What Do Classical Records and Treats for Fido Have to Do with Driving an NGV?

On May 5, Westport asked people in Long Beach, California, “What would YOU do with an extra $200 in your wallet this month?” for the #MyTreat event.

Why $200? Because that’s the average we estimated people could save on fuel* by driving the new compressed natural gas (CNG) Ford F-150 with the Westport WiNG™ Power System. Westport held the debut of this vehicle – the only CARB and EPA certified Ford F-150 – in California as part of the Alternative Clean Transportation Expo.

Natural gas vehicles are popular with fleets, but not as many individuals are driving them. So why did we decide to show off this great new CNG pick-up to the public? We think it’s important for people to know that natural gas vehicles are here and now, just like our tagline says, and even though you might not be driving one, it’s possible you’ve ridden in a natural gas powered bus, received a package delivered in a natural gas powered van, or even bought groceries hauled in a natural gas powered refrigerated truck.

Curious what people would do with the extra cash? Some said they would give the money to charitable organizations. Others had an eye on electronics. A few folks would put it towards a nice, sunny vacation.

These three Alternative Clean Transportation Expo attendees were interested in buying classical music records for their children, solar panels, and giving to good works.

Education was top of mind for some people, like this gentleman who wanted to help out his daughter with her college expenses.

The money would come in handy for these women, who’d use it to expand their balloon business!

Latte the dog? Well, he’d get treats of course.
This visitor from New Zealand was simply delighted to find a truck labelled with the name of his South Island home town.

Keep visiting Fuel for Thought in the coming weeks when we announce the winners of the “What Would You Do” promotions.

*Based on average mileage of 26,500 per year, with gasoline priced at $3.65 per gallon (EIA) and CNG priced at $2.11 per gasoline gallon equivalent (CNGnow).

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