May 28, 2015

Bi-fuel Volvo V60 Hits the Road for World Gas Conference in Paris

On May 29, a brand new bi-fuel Volvo V60 leaves Göteborg, Sweden to visit Volvo dealers on the route to the World Gas Conference (WGC) 2015. Destination: Paris, France. The bi-fuel Volvo V60 and Westport representatives will visit dealers in Germany and Belgium, and reach Paris on May 31.
2016 bi-fuel Volvo V60
Westport’s new combustion technology in Volvo Car Group’s new Drive-E powertrain bi-fuel engine will be on display in a Volvo V60 at the WGC in area P77 from June 1 to 5. Read more about the new engine technology in the 2016 bi-fuel Volvo V60 announced earlier this year in the Westport news release.

On Thursday, June 4, hear Per-Inge Kruse speak about natural gas vehicles at the WGC Natural Gas for Transportation Village Seminars at 2:30 pm.

Bi-Fuel Volvo V60 Road Trip

“I’m looking forward to showing the world what an amazing vehicle we have created,” says Anders Johansson, Managing Director of Westport Sweden, who will be driving the vehicle from Sweden to France.
Göteborg to Paris; May 29-31, 2015


May 29: Sweden to Germany
May 30: Volvo dealers – Hamburg, Germany
May 31: Volvo Belgium
June 1-5: World Gas Conference – Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
June 6: Volvo Germany Dealer Conference – Hannover, Germany

Paris to Göteborg; June 5-7, 2015
“Customers will appreciate the outstanding performance of the new Volvo engines, coupled with the vehicle’s low environmental impact and Westport’s expertise engineering for full bi-fuel vehicle integration,” added Per-Inge Kruse, Westport Sweden’s Customer Director.

Meet the Drivers

Anders Johansson

Anders has worked at Westport since 2011. He started his career at Volvo Car as an engineer working with alternative fuels, and in 2009 founded the company which was acquired by Westport in 2011. Driving a bi-fuel Volvo V60 is nothing new to Anders because it’s his daily mode of transport, aside from walking, of course. He enjoys driving scenic country side roads, perhaps playing music loudly or perhaps in silence, depending on how the mood strikes him. When he’s not leading the team and efforts at Westport Sweden, Anders enjoys cars, sports, and anything funny. He’s been to Paris before; his favourite thing to see there is Sacre Coeur.

When the Volvo V60 sets out from Göteborg, Anders will be at the wheel. He’ll travel from Sweden through Denmark, Germany and Belgium to France for the WGC in Paris.

Follow Anders on Twitter during the road trip and conference @johanssonande.

Per-Inge Kruse

Per-Inge has been with Westport since 2014. He began his career at Volvo Car assembling vehicles before joining Delphi and Siemens VDO in various positions. Prior joining Westport, he spent two years in Singapore as managing director for a sales company. As someone who enjoys driving, especially powerful cars, Per-Inge is also practiced with the bi-fuel Volvo V60 – he drives one on a daily basis. Per-Inge listens to music while driving, but he never sings for fear the windows would break. When he’s not meeting with Westport customers, Per-Inge can be found with his family, enjoying food and wine culture, and gardening. In Paris, he samples the abundant variety of new cuisine and wines.

Per-Inge will be attending the WGC and then taking up the driver’s seat of the bi-fuel Volvo V60 for the journey homeward through Germany to Sweden.

Follow Per-Inge on Twitter during the road trip and conference @pikruse

Follow the Trip

Follow the World Gas Conference conversation on Twitter by searching #WGCPARIS2015. Connect with Westport on Twitter @WestportDotComFollow the trip news, photos and timeline on Storify, or watch the updates as a slideshow, below (hover over photos for the tweets that went with them).

For more information or to connect with the Volvo team at Westport, contact or call +1 604 916 2501. 

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