December 9, 2015

Westport Presents New Tech and Solutions Set to Boost LPG Uptake

Westport’s Bart van Aerle presented two key factors set to positively impact the LPG sector at the Argus European LPG Markets 2015 Conference in London on Wednesday, November 25.
Bart van Aerle, CEO Prins Autogassytemen, presents at Argus Conference in London
Bart covered new developments for transportation solutions, such as Prins Direct LiquiMax and Prins Dieselblend products, that will enhance the use of LPG (also called propane autogas) within Europe and elsewhere, as well as some cost-effective, innovative solutions available in the market. 
The two-day conference covered a global perspective with a panel discussion focused on the European LPG industry and sought consensus on answers to answer key questions including:
  • Where are we seeing increased demand for LPG across Europe? 
  • How are very large gas carrier (VLGC) rates fairing in LPG freight markets? 
  • Are there significant growth opportunities presented by LPG as a fuel for power generation?
  • After the summer recovery how will LPG demand in Spain fair going forward? 
  • Will Turkey continue to increasingly import US LPG, now the country's biggest supplier? 

For more information, visit the Argus European LPG Markets 2015 Conference website or contact Westport at or +1 604-718-2011.

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