May 14, 2012

The Driver’s Seat Twitter Campaign - Caroline Santoso

As mentioned, Westporters are taking turns in The Driver's Seat of our twitter account (@WestportDotCom). Learn more about our second contributor, Caroline Santoso, who starts her turn in the Driver's Seat today.

Caroline Santoso

Based in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fuel: anything crunchy… and it’s sure to have hot sauce!
Coolant: coffee

As the Manager of Investor Relations at Westport, Caroline has contact with stakeholders on a daily basis; however, this is her first experience personally writing for the Westport Twitter account. Caroline is based at the Westport head office in Vancouver where she is responsible for investor and analyst communications.
What does she enjoy most about her job? People.

Giving clear and correct information to investors and having exposure to the people and events in different business units are tops on her list. “Then I know what’s going on in the whole company,” explains Caroline. “I like seeing the whole picture.”

Originally from Jakarta, when Caroline is not describing Westport technology and strategy to investors, she enjoys travelling to Indonesia to visit family and old friends. When at home in Vancouver, Caroline can be found trying new restaurants in town, visiting friends or watching movies.

Her guilty pleasure is shopping for shoes and handbags (come now, what woman doesn’t at least browse?). When asked the question about whom she would have dinner with, if it could be anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional, Caroline had to think on it. She decided on Barack Obama. She says, “Besides being the first African American U.S. President, he spent some of his childhood in Indonesia!” Order your own dish Obama; she puts hot chili sauce on everything!

Now famous at the office for her charity talent show entry involving an impressive cheerleading stunt routine, Caroline enjoys helping at many other community events and fundraisers with her family and friends.

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