May 7, 2012

Westport Employees are in the Driver’s Seat

Westport Innovations is on the leading edge of natural gas technology with a diverse global presence. And we’re so much more. One of our great strengths is our people, and so we’ve decided to use social media technology than to showcase who we are and what we do.

Over the next six months, Westport is putting its employees in the Driver’s Seat of our Twitter account @Westportdotcom. Inspired by the RotationCuration phenomenon that was launched by @Sweden in December 2011, Westport’s Twitter feed is going global and giving employees around the world unlimited access to Tweet about whatever they find interesting, engaging or entertaining. Work or otherwise.

Each contributor will share their thoughts, ideas, interests, and respond the feedback they get from you. We want to show the world how diverse we are as a company, in terms of our what we do every day at work, and in our free time. We hope to inspire some new ways of thinking about Westport, natural gas technology, and our world.

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