December 6, 2012

Westport Volunteers in the Community Schools Program – Part 2

About a month ago, we told you about Westport’s involvement as a United Way corporate partner in their Community Schools Program. Three Westport employees (Teresa K., Kat W., Heidi C.) led a seven week program called, “Yarn Artists” which helped Grade 4 and 5 children to discover all the fun and creative things with yarn.
“I am happy to report that the collaboration between Westport, United Way and the Vancouver School Board has been a success,” Teresa said. “I had so much fun and I think the kids did as well, since they asked us to go back to the school the next term. I feel great that I get to share my interest with the children and that they have fun learning new skills.”

The Community Schools Program gives Westport an opportunity to contribute to our local Vancouver community beyond a traditional corporate giving program, and gives staff a way to personally contribute and volunteer.

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