June 11, 2014

Peek Under the Hood of India’s Newest CNG Vehicle - You’ll Find Westport Inside

Drivers in New Delhi or Mumbai who turn the key on a new compressed natural gas (CNG) Celerio Green, may be surprised to find out that if they look under the hood they will find components from Vancouver-based Westport and its subsidiaries.

India’s Maruti Suzuki recently announced its Celerio is now available as a bi-fuel option: the Celerio Green. The five passenger, bi-fuel car runs on CNG and petrol (gasoline) and gets 31.79 km/kg when it’s in CNG mode.

Westport is supplying the cylinder valve, low pressure filter and plastic venting hose for this recently announced addition to the Maruti Suzuki CNG car line up.

“We have been partners with this Maruti Suzuki for CNG models since 2010,” says Stefano Paoli, EMER Overseas Operations Manager. “Since we are supplying them with common components, equipping the Celerio Green is a natural progression. We hope to see this market continue to grow.”

Westport components are also under the hood of Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR, Eeco, and Ertiga CNG models, supplied through its subsidiary Emer, and Emer’s India-based joint venture, Minda Emer.

Learn more about the Celerio Green, and Maruti Suzuki’s natural gas powered vehicles here: http://www.marutisuzuki.com/celerio.aspx

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