July 3, 2012

Employee Spotlight: Louisville’s Charismatic Vehicle Porter

Archie, Westport LD vehicle porter, is ready to have fun while inspecting trucks for Westport WiNG™ Power System assembly. When the new trucks from the Ford plant nearby arrive at the Westport Kentucky Integration Center, he performs the exterior and interior inspection to ensure each truck has all basic functions before its natural gas fuel system is installed.

Like many Westport employees, Archie comes to Westport with an interesting history. Archie has retired from what he calls his “regular business” in Louisville, where he had a 30-year career in the radio business including radio station management.

Born and raised in Louisville as one of eight siblings, Archie has raised his own family there, now complete with grandchildren. Despite these deep roots at home, he has traveled all over the U.S. with his gospel group, Archie Dale and the Tones of Joy (whose amazing gospel sound can be heard on any of their 17 albums!). He says the most interesting place to perform was a large church in Las Vegas, where they entertained and rang in the New Year back in ‘04 and will likely return another year.

Archie enjoys being a part of the Westport LD operation now in Louisville and seeing the finished products out the door. He says, “My passion now is being a great employee and part of a success that I know Westport is going to have.” And Westport is very glad to have your expertise and enthusiasm, Archie, to contribute to that success.

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