July 9, 2012

The Driver's Seat Twitter Campaign: Monica F

As mentioned, Westporters are taking turns in The Driver's Seat of our Twitter account (@WestportDotCom). To date we've heard from Nick S, Caroline S, John L & John H, Astrid Z and Lance F. Our next contributor is Monica F, read on to learn a little more about her.

Monica F

Monica’s fuel is coffee…

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Monica has the responsibility for purchasing and supplier development at Westport. As team director, she and the group find suppliers and ensure they can deliver parts that meet Westport requirements and quality standards. Monica travels quite often, meeting or seeking new suppliers. Though Westport needs automotive suppliers, the technology is new in the sector, especially for cryogenic-related components. So Monica finds herself seeking suppliers in surprising places, like aerospace shows, where suppliers are familiar with the pressure levels some Westport products require.

The best suppliers are the ones who believe in Westport technology. Monica builds relationships with companies that see future potential and share similar visions with Westport. That can be challenging, and it’s a challenge Monica enjoys. She clearly excels working with people and thrives on the fact that one day and the next are never the same.

When Monica isn’t at work, she can be found at her home just south of Vancouver where she likes to enjoy the calming atmosphere of nearby Garry Point, a park looking out to sea. Otherwise, Monica may be found in her kitchen, where her native Mexico provides inspiration because, “nothing in Vancouver is really Mexican food” and therefore cannot compare. Her favourite dish is chiles rellenos, chilies stuffed with cheese. When online, Monica loves YouTube for searching out cooking and hair-styling demos.

Monica is a fan of lists. She and her family, which includes two daughters and now a French bulldog called Lolo, make a list each December of everything they wish to do the next year – everything from big purchases to vacation ideas. Since moving to Canada in 2008, they’ve been exploring the area near Vancouver, and they have plans to see more. They also vacationed in China, where Monica says they were struck by how different life was.

Counted among her indulgences are girl-time with her daughters for manicures or pedicures and a thrice-weekly coffee with her husband while the girls are at swim club ­­– family time Monica wouldn’t give up.

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