July 23, 2012

The Driver's Seat Twitter Campaign: Fabio V.

As mentioned, Westporters are taking turns in The Driver's Seat of our Twitter account (@WestportDotCom). To date we've heard from Nick SCaroline SJohn L & John HAstrid Z,  Lance F and Monica F. Our next contributor is Fabio - read on to learn a little more about him.

As the sales and marketing director for Westport LD Italy-based companies, Fabio is responsible for developing, with his team, sales and OEM business relationships in accordance with group strategies and revenues targets. With these responsibilities, Fabio is kept very busy travelling the globe about forty percent of the time.

Based in Pernumia and Brescia, Italy, Fabio says he appreciates the opportunities to meet people from many regions and different cultures, thus learning about those cultures and the ways of doing business.

Fabio enjoys the international breadth of his role, where he can contribute to solving the challenges of the exciting compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) market, which he believes will grow to be a major future fuel worldwide.

The trusting relationship with his experienced superior and the daily activities with his skilled sales team makes his experience at Westport really interesting: there is a “lesson to learn” every day.

Fabio and family

When he is not configuring solutions and keeping updated on market developments, Fabio is with his family – including 3 boys and 2 dogs – at home, travelling, skiing and snorkelling.

When asked who he would have dinner with, anyone alive or dead, real or fictional, he says certainly his wife. “I am often travelling for work and we have a lot of things to share and tell each other.” Between work and their “big, challenging, but wonderful family,” one can see why!

If there is ever a free hour for Fabio, he can be found woodworking or online reading woodworker forums for ideas and techniques.

Fabio’s indulgences include a meal at a good restaurant or a visit to a great winery. Not surprisingly, his fuel is coffee and Italian cuisine is his favourite, but he loves sushi, spicy Mexican food, and wine. Frankly, he says, he finds food for his tastes wherever he goes!

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