December 13, 2013

Filling Up for the First Time: EBI Opens Canada’s First RNG Station

Don’t you love being the first one in line to fill up at a gas station?

A Quebec-based company, EBI, is offering drivers the chance to be the first ones in Canada to fill up their vehicles with renewable natural gas (RNG).

The company recently opened two public natural gas fuel stations located in Berthierville and Montreal, Quebec. The stations sell compressed natural gas (CNG) made from RNG. The fuel is produced by capturing methane gas from EBI’s landfills. Once the gas is captured, it’s stripped of impurities, channeled into Gaz Métro pipelines and made available as a fuel for any natural gas vehicle (NGV) that needs to fill up.

EBI is the first company in Canada to publicly sell RNG.

EBI: The first Canadian company to sell renewable natural gas at a public fuel station.
“We have been running natural gas trucks since 2011,” says Ghislain Lapointe, EBI’s Fleet Manager. “The trucks are quieter than diesel and emit up to 25 per cent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than diesel powered trucks,” he said.

The company also refuels its fleet of 50 CNG refuse vehicles, powered with the Cummins Westport 8.9L ISL G engine at the now-public stations.

EBI was the first Quebec business to produce RNG, starting around a decade ago. The company, a Canadian pioneer in using RNG for transportation, also recently made headlines as Transport Canada released a report which evaluated the performance of its fleet in harsh winter conditions.

Ghislain said  EBI’s decision to open up public fuel stations was the next logical step:
“When you’re using our own station, why not offer it to customers?”

EBI plans to continue growing its natural gas fleet in 2014.

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