December 5, 2013

Westport, at Your Service

Usually when fleets buy trucks, their purchase, service and support is done entirely by the manufacturer. For fleets who’ve adopted natural gas, Westport also maintains a skilled, customer-driven service team to support trucks equipped with Westport™ HPDI technology. Natural gas vehicles are still new for many users and Westport wants to ensure that fleets are supported as they adopt the new fuel and technology.

The service team dedicated to the engines and fuel systems for heavy-duty trucks offers support to customers throughout North America and Australia. The team has over 50 years of combined experience in Westport HPDI technology – a high performance engine technology developed by Westport and its founding engineers.

Running a natural gas fleet means owners and drivers need to understand some new procedures. The Westport service team trains the customer in operating and fuelling, coordinates delivery, and provides optional extra maintenance training.

Andre Zawadowicz, a member of  Westport's field service representative team,
trains first responders from multiple agencies in Lyme, Conneticuit.

"We have trained over 50 fleets, providing over 50 training courses for more than 600 personnel annually including technicians, operations, and first responders,” says Bryan Fargo, Field Service Manager for Westport.

Each fleet is assigned its own service representative. The representative performs regular assessments of the fleet; they receive feedback and reports about the fleet's operable time (uptime). The service team works closely with the chassis (vehicle) manufacturer to ensure any issues that arise are addressed and corrected.

Westport is now taking a vertically-integrated approach with vehicle and chassis original engine manufacturers (OEMs) for products featuring HPDI technology, which is a process of high pressure direct injection of natural gas in a compression engine for optimum diesel-like performance. 

It’s particularly favourable in high-fuel use applications, and in addition to heavy duty on road vehicles, HPDI will be featured in upcoming products such as heavy-duty trucks, Caterpillar mine-haul trucks and EMD locomotives (a subsidiary of Caterpillar).

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