June 7, 2012

The Batmobile – Fighting Air Pollution with Natural Gas

You’ve read here about the world’s fastest car running on natural gas, and what we think is the world’s coolest car also runs on CNG. The batmobile, a concept car that every Caped Crusader fan has at one point dreamed of driving, is tough on crime but kind on the planet. With its powerful Corvette V8 engine, this replica of the batmobile from the popular 1989 Batman film was converted by Semi Service Inc in Utah so that the Utah Clean Cities Coalition could take it throughout the state to educate the public on the advantages of CNG and other alternative fuels.

Metroweek did a fantastic video segment on the CNG batmobile, and there’s lots of great photos of the car circulating the web.

The car isn’t street legal, maybe because of the flame throwers and functioning guns. The motor, guns and afterburner all run on CNG. This is a ride that Bruce Wayne would have been proud to roll up in!

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