June 1, 2012

Fleets of Natural Gas Vehicles – Conversion Report

We’re seeing more and more headlines about entire city fleets switching to natural gas as transportation fuel, and the cost-savings they expect thanks to the adopting natural gas engines. Here’s a round-up of some of the latest conversions:

Trussville, Alabama: Earlier this week, Mayor Gene Melton announced that the city’s police car fleet will now run on compressed natural gas (CNG). He estimates savings of approximately $17,000/year per vehicle. Trussville began using CNG vehicles three years ago, and also operate the city dump trucks on CNG.

Canton, Ohio: In May, the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority rolled out its first six CNG buses. The SARTA Executive Director suggests savings of ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ in fuel costs per year. By the end of August SARTA expects that 23 of its 85 buses will run on CNG. By 2013 it expects to have eight 40-foot buses, ten 35-foot buses and 32 smaller paratransit buses that will all run on CNG.

Chesapeake, Virginia: The city recently announced that it is planning to convert its fleet of Class 8 solid waste collection trucks from diesel fuel to CNG.

Thomasville, Georgia: The city council has an eye to convert its fleet vehicles to run on CNG where appropriate, and has already approved the construction of a CNT time-fill station. The City plans to purchase four CNG-fueled refuse trucks in the near future, and to convert all 12 of its refuse trucks to CNG during the next three years. Thomasville says it will save $200,000 annually in fuel costs, along with the benefits of reduced emissions and dependence on foreign oil.

Washburn, Wisconsin: Bayfield County purchased five CNG vehicles to be used by various departments. The public grand opening for the Washburn CNG fueling station took place on May 31, 2012.

The adoption of natural gas vehicles by municipalities demonstrates that not only do NGVs offer better fuel cost-savings, but they also produce fewer emissions which is better for the communities being served.

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