June 20, 2012

Westport Attends NGV2012 Bologna

Several Westporters are currently in Bologna, Italy, attending Europe’s largest conference focussed on natural gas vehicles. NGV2012 Bologna runs June 19 to 21 and is the 3rd edition of the NGVA Europe conference. With shows and workshops that focus on natural gas vehicles including bio methane, CNG, LNG, dual fuels and hydrogen blends, this conference is a key event for the transportation industry, particularly given the European Union’s strategy to move towards alternative fuels in the transportation sector. But the conference isn’t limited to European attendees – more than 36 countries will be represented from all over the world.

There are five workshops that will examine and discuss the evolution of technology featuring natural gas through the following topics:
• The perspectives of international OEMs on CNG
• LNG, dual fuel and dedicated technologies for heavy vehicles
• Biomethane and hydrogen blends, today solution for a large-scale sustainable mobility
• The virtuous circle in urban transport: biomethane from cities and farming landfills
• Natural gas distributors: CNG’s potential, synergy and political will

Ian Scott presented at the OEM Workshop on June 19 and Nicholas Sonntag will be moderating the LNG Workshop on June 20. Both members of the Westport executive team took time to reflect on attending the conference:

What are you most looking forward to at NGV Europe?

Ian Scott: NGV Europe is a great opportunity to present the collective Westport LD family, particularly our European capabilities based in Italy and Sweden, to our partners and customers. It also provides a strong platform on which to share insights and ideas with our peers

Nicholas Sonntag: Reconnecting with the European players in the NGV industry. Hearing the perspectives from OEMs and suppliers on the growth of LNG as a primary fuel for trucking in Europe.

Are there any ‘hot topics’ or trends that you anticipate being explored at NGV Europe?

Ian Scott: I believe that natural gas infrastructure build-out will be a topic of interest as infrastructure development remains an enabler for higher natural gas growth. New OEM product offerings will be of interest as well.

Nicholas Sonntag: Fueling infrastructure – timing and location.

Why do you feel it is important for Westport to attend the conference/Expo?

Ian Scott: As a leading natural gas solution provider, I feel it is Westport's duty to share our learning, products, and views with the collective stakeholders at the conference and exhibition. In return, we have the opportunity to learn of the latest advancements in our industry. Westport has a very large footprint in Europe, in Italy in particular, and we can give back to this region for all the support we have received as we have grown our operations here.

Nicholas Sonntag: For staying current in the state of NGVs in Europe and maintaining Westport’s brand as a world leader in NG engine and vehicle technology, in addition to meeting with key OEMs, suppliers and potential partners.

The conference, which ends on June 21st, is just one of the NGVA Europe’s many events. Others include the 40th Annual European Transport Conference and Gastech 2012. NGVA Europe also provides valuable statistical data on the use of NGVs in Europe and throughout the rest of the world through their informative website. 

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Wow! I haven’t realized that they applied natural gas in running the new heavy vehicles available in the market. If you have a new heavy vehicle that you use in constructing sites, you have to submit and file the hvut form. Great post you got there.

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